Residential & Agricultural

Metal Roofing, Siding and Trim

Bi-State Sheet Metal specializes in metal sheet fabrication, corrugated and perforated sheet metal, as well as custom trim flashings for residential and commercial settings. We take pride in utilizing our expertise to provide high-quality roofing, siding and trim that is both aesthetic, durable and long-lasting.

We can customize our sheet metal solutions to perfectly blend with the architectural design and improve its aesthetic appeal. We also provide custom roofing which includes a weather-tight warranty.

Architectural Sheet Metal

Our custom architectural roofing solutions are fine-tuned to the curves and angles of your project. Specializing in custom fabrication and installation of copper flashings, gutters, cornice, soffits, and standing seam roofs.

Agricultural Barns & Outbuildings

Our metal roofing solutions are ideal for outbuildings, barns, and other agricultural structures. Metal roofing combines aesthetic appeal with long-term durability. 

Apartment Buildings & Complexes

We install composite metal roofing systems for apartment buildings, retirement homes, condominiums and more. No matter the shape, size and contour of your facility, we can provide the metal roofing, siding and trim.


Our commercial clients have included major sports stadiums like the University of Iowa and also Iowa-80, the largest truck stop in North America.


Sheet metal is becoming more and more popular as an alternative to traditional asphalt roofing. We can install a state-of-the-art sheet metal roof on homes of any size, shape and contour. 


If you imagine it, we can make it happen. Our experience and craftsmanship can transform your vision into reality. Let us create a custom solution for your innovative project. 

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